Unknown artist: Ranshitsu?

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Posted by Alec W. ( on June 14, 2020 at 17:58:58:


I've recently acquired a heavily toned, oban-sized print bearing a signature I do not recognize; see image. Comparing the signature with the seal, I am inclined to read the name as "Ranshitsu" 蘭室, but I can find no information about an artist using such a name. The print format reminds me slightly of that of Bakumatsu-era Shijo-style surimono, but that is my only guess as to the age of the print.

The print has a number of poems (eight, I think?) and I haven't tracked down any of the poet's names either -- my quick transcriptions are: 春水 班鳬 観之 互扇 松右 東山 一景 東江.

Finally, I cannot interpret the image -- two women (?) wearing large hats with what appear to be attached veils. Some sort of festival attire?

As I said, the print is quite toned, so I have prepared a lightened image to improve legibility:


The uncorrected image:


Any insights greatly appreciated!


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Subject: Unknown artist: Ranshitsu?


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