Kunisada print or 20th century copy?

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Posted by Mark Mascolini ( on January 04, 2021 at 12:10:08:


I am trying to identify a Japanese woodblock print that a donor may offer to the Allentown Art Museum (https://www.allentownartmuseum.org/).

The only clearly identified match of the donor’s work I can find online (attached) is at a Canadian art auction site, which says the image is a 20th century reproduction lithograph of a print by Utagawa Kunisada (Toyokuni III, 1786-1865), possibly titled “Samurai on the Terrace of a Palace, 1857.” I cannot find a matching Kunisada print. The closest I can come is the left sheet of a Kunisada triptych which shows a samurai in a work called “Noodle Vendor and Daughter—Kabuki. 1858.” See: https://archive.waseda.jp/archive/image-viewer.html?arg={%22subDB_id%22:%2252%22,%22detail_page_id%22:%221;180707%22,%22image_no%22:%221%22,%22kind%22:%220%22}&lang=en

Does anyone have insights on whether there is a Kunisada print that looks like the attached photo?

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Subject: Kunisada print or 20th century copy?


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