Help with my woodblock

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Posted by jase ( on June 03, 2021 at 01:17:38:

I have a woodblock of Kumagai Naozane. Artist Konobu (which one i do not know).

from all the searching i did including this amazing site, I noticed some things when comparing my image to the results which came up here. the 2 image results both came from Waseda Univ collection

differences i notice::: First the hairstyle is different, the colors are more vibrant, the publishers stamp? in the bottom right corner, and the green and blues appear darker. also the paper and paper size.

from what i gather for reprints or re-issues they would change certain things (in my case hair style stands out)

Can anyone help me fill in some gaps or put me on the right track ?

any idea the time period this was made? which Konobu made this? (he and his children were artists), and its authenticity. I would GREATLY appreciate the input from you guys as this is the first print i have ever purchased.

im not a re-seller and not looking to sell it. I bought it for the subject matter and its beauty. this also led me down many woodblock rabbit holes and i must say i think im catching the bug and would love to have a small collection. THANK YOU to anyone who replies.

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Subject: Help with my woodblock


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