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As mentioned by manuD the print is a bit fuzzy. You seem to be very interested by the story/tale that goes with the print do let's have a go at it.
Have fun continuing the research

The play was performed at the Shintomi theater (Tokyo) date 明治21/03・(1888/03・)

Actors and roles
Ichikawa Danjr IX 市川団十
as 源為朝 Minamoto no Tametomo

Taking into consideration that Ichikawa Danjr IX was mainly performing historical roles the following information could be helpful

Ichikawa Sadanji 市川 左團次
as Oniyasha 鬼夜叉

Nakamura Fukusuke 中村 福助
as Sasarae さざら江

Ichikawa Botan 市川ぼたん
as Asa 朝稚 (Morning child)

Who's who
Minamoto no Tametomo (main role) , his mistress Sasarae, his retainer Oniyasha and Asa (son of Minamoto no Tametomo)

The legend
Minamoto no Tametomo in Okinawa, sinking the lead ship of the Taira fleet with a single arrow

I'm adding a few links you may enjoy

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