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Posted by Alec W. ( on December 06, 2021 at 22:49:06:

In Reply to: unknown print posted by FRANCIS on December 04, 2021 at 10:00:16:

I've been puzzling over this one for a while now, and, though I don't have any real answers, I figured I would share my thoughts...

The left panel looks to me to be entitled "Kogane no hana" 黄金の花, "golden flowers".

The middle is "Yowa no tsuki" 夜半の月, "Midnight moon".

The right one is "[something] no yuki" Xの雪, "[something] in snow".

I notice that the first kanji of the left seal is 北 kita/hoku ("north"), and the middle seal begins with 南 minami/nan ("south"), so my thinking is each design corresponds to a direction-defined area of some place, probably Edo. The "south" scene looks like a conventional Shinagawa 品川 scene to me, so that fits the theory. Presumably the right scene would be East or West, and there would have been one more design? Maybe the North design is Saruwaka-chō, the theatre district in Asakusa??

The original four volumes of Hiroshige's were, of course, organized the same way, one volume each for East, South, West and North. And though there is a similar "Shinagawa" design in the South volume of that series, the other images don't correspond well to anything here, so perhaps there is no connection...


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