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Posted by Horst Graebner ( on February 14, 2022 at 10:56:07:

In Reply to: Re: Same print by Yoshitora and Toyokuni posted by Horst Graebner on January 29, 2022 at 20:23:17:

The original print is by Kunisada I. It is a kabuki print and depicts a scene from the play "Oda no Yuki Mitsugi no Tamamono" performed at the Kawarazaki Theater in 11/1850.
The print looks like a musha-e but features identifiable actors.
The print bears the Mera, Murata and "shita-uri" censorship seals and the publisher's logo by Ebisuya Shoshichi.

The later print has Yoshitora's signature cartouche; the original censorship seals are missing and have been replaced by an aratame date seal from the year of the rat (= 1864).
The characters' heads have been replaced (they are no longer actors), so the print now looks like a "real" musha-e. Two name cartouches are missing on the left side, the contents of some of the name cartouches have been changed.
The publisher's logo is missing; there is none visible.
The missing publisher's logo indicates that the printing plates have been sold; the new ownership apparently had commissioned Yoshitora to rework them.

I am aware of a few other later "revisions" of Kunisada prints that were apparently commissioned by the publishers. For example by Kuniyoshi and Kuniyasu or the Kunisada Chūshingura series from 1854, published 3 years later by the same publisher and reworked by Kunikiyo.
But Kunisada also obviously reworked printing plates from other artists (commissioned by the publisher); at least one case of a sumō print is known to me.

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