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According to the information provided by the Hagi Uragami Museum, the text reads "Matsunaga Daizen otōto Onitōda" 松永大膳 弟鬼藤太, "Matsunaga Daizen's younger brother, Onitōda". [Note that the name 鬼藤太 seems usually to be read "Kitōta" rather than "Onitōda".]

The Hagi Uragami record goes on to suggest that the design may accompany an 1848.9 performance of "Gion Sairei Shinkōki" 祇園祭礼信仰記, accompanying the main feature 雪月花蒔絵見台 (perhaps read "Setsugekka Maki-e no Kendai"?). The publisher is given as "unknown".

I can't find any other references to such a program in 1848. However, I do see that there was an 1850.9 staging of such a program at the Ichimura, though the main program seems to have been called "Tsuki yuki hana maki-e no kendai" 月雪花蒔絵見台. MFA Boston has a banzuke for this program:


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