Yukinobu - unrecorded Edo artist during

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Posted by Guy Pepermans ( on May 13, 2022 at 10:42:11:


Horizontal oban print signed 'Yukinobu ga' (雪信画), published c.1811-14 by Yamaguchia T˘bei, bearing a 'kiwame' and a 'gy˘ji' (Hamamatsuya K˘suke) censor seal. Titled 'Hikosan gongen chikai no sukedachi' (彦山権現誓助剣), the famous kabuki play depicted in a typical outdoor setting. The crowd seem to wearing masks; two spectators in the lower left corner are wearing 'tengu' masks.

Yukinobu is an unrecorded artist working in Edo and not to be confused with the Osaka artist Yanagawa Yukinobu. I have still no clue who this artist might be. Eventually, the name 'Yukinobu' could have been an alias for a known ukiyo-e artist, working in Edo at that time.

See also my old post from 2003:
http://www.ukiyo-e.se/archive/messages/5572.html and Daniel Mckee's reply: http://www.ukiyo-e.se/archive/messages/5573.html

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Subject: Yukinobu - unrecorded Edo artist during


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