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Posted by Alec W. ( on October 25, 2022 at 14:08:17:

I'm having trouble making sense of a signature on a design from Keisai Eisen's aizuri series "Gosechi bijin awase no uchi" 五節美人合之内".;id=12785;type=101

It looks to me to be " Eisen ga" 「 えいせん画」(「 衣いせん画」). (To be honest, the "Eisen" seems a little closer to "Esen" 「衣せん」, but I'm willing to write that off to a bit of sloppiness.)

But what of the first part? It's obviously styled to resemble the "Keisai" 渓斎 he so often signed with, but I just can't get "Keisai" in either kanji or kana out of it. I'm thinking there's a "yo" in there, perhaps 「あてよ」, but that doesn't conform to any Eisen gō I know of. Any ideas?

Other prints from the series:;id=12784;type=101;id=12787;type=101


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