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How to post a message in this forum

If you want to attach an image to your message, the image file must already be uploaded to a website, where it's freely accessible. You can use your own website if you have one, or you can use an image hosting service like Photobucket.

The easiest way to attach an image could be using John Resig's "Ukiyo-e Search" to check if your image matches any of the prints in his database. If you don't get a match, you'll see a message looking like the one below. Then copy the address string exactly as it reads in the box marked with the red oval. Finally you paste the address string into the "Optional Image URL" box in your message in this forum.

The link you write or paste into the "Optional Image URL" box must be to a single image file, usually with an extension like .jpg or .gif. If you want to attach more images, you'll have to post a follow-up message for each image.