If you have questions about Japanese prints, feel free to post them here. But before you do so, make sure your questions haven´t been answered already, by using the search engine. If you know the answer to a question already posted here, or if you have a comment to make, you are welcome to post a follow-up.

Other sources of information on ukiyo-e:
John Resig´s Japanese Woodblock Print Search
where you can use an image file of your own or one that you found on the net to search för similar prints in museums and other collections
John Fiorillo´s Viewing Japanese Prints
Brian Rasmussen's Tips for Beginning Japanese Woodblock Print Collectors
Signatures of Ukiyo-e Artists
Publishers' seals on ukiyo-e and shin-hanga reprints
Chats on Japanese Prints - Shogun Gallery (discontinued)
Questions and Answers about Ukiyo-e (discontinued)

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